4 Essential Solutions for Successful Online Clothing Shopping

What is that one task that’s both daunting and rewarding? Shopping, of course! There is nothing that’s more emotionally relaxing and yet mentally taxing at the same time. Relaxing because for the time duration you are busy checking upon aisles and aisles of clothes, sunglasses, purses, etc, you are not thinking about that upcoming giant project. But your brain is instead engaged in a fierce battle of doubts - whether the shirt you picked and even tried on is the right size, whether the dim light in the store is enough to deduce its right colour, and so on. When buying in person creates such dilemmas, it is easy to imagine the crisis you face when shopping online. And nowadays, this task is one we must face.

Shopping online can potentially amp the worries you have. Is it going to be the exact colour of the flannel shirt shown in the picture? Is their 32-inch waist size for the dress going to be perfect or is it going to be smaller or impossibly large, is the toque going to fit my head? Is it going to arrive on time, can the retailer be trusted, and x number of other issues that threaten your peace of mind. Your excitement at finding and finally buying that knitted sweater online ebbs away the second when the item arrives and it ends up fitting horribly. But, hey! Size small fits me, I ordered a small, and the tag says small, they why!? Every brand has its own version of small, medium, large, extra large and so on, and they are going to fit you uniquely. 

Well, it’s time to chuck your worries! Whether it is the iconic flannel shirt (the by-default forever trend) you are hunting for, maybe a beautifully knitted toque is on your mind, or, perhaps you have to impress someone by showing how amazing you look in a Canadian tuxedo, or the perfect parka to ace the winter and the fashion protocols at the same time, you can perfect your true Canuck fashion style while shopping online. All you have to do is remember a few crucial things as you embark on your online shopping adventure:

Don’t click on a size blindly!

When you are clicking and adding items to your online shopping cart, don’t just proceed to buy on the notion that “medium fits me so I will pick M for every dress, top, sweater, and such, I pick.” As we mentioned above, every brand has their own unique version of what a particular size means to them. An XL would give a 38-40-inch waist in one and a mere 34-inch in another. But thankfully, more often than not, shopping websites have a “size chart” that helps you to check whether their medium or small matches your needs, which brings us to…

Remember to take your measurements, or better yet, get it done from a professional

You know, how do you ace an exam if you aren’t well prepared about the subject you are being tested on? Well, the same logic applies when you are shopping for clothes online. Knowing your body measurements, primarily your neck, chest, and waist along with foot size will make your selection so much easier. Once you have your exact measurements on hand, you can easily compare them against the selected garment’s sizing chart. Our only advice would be to get the measurements done from a friend or if you can find one a tailor. 

Consider buying a little larger rather than what seems perfect or slightly small

Even though online purchases can usually be returned, it isn’t always the most convenient thing to do. It is also hard to part with a new potential go-to wardrobe piece because it didn’t quite fit. If the measurements are off even by an inch, buying a slightly large garment will allow you comfort in the outfit and/or the opportunity to alter the size. Remember, it's better to go too-big than too small. This leaves you room to make adjustments. If need a hand with this, we have you covered with a step by step on how to shrink your new favourite purchase.

Be sure to check the fabric type of the garment and what care it requires

While shopping for clothes online, it’s not just the size chart that you need to reference. You are best to scroll down and check what fabric the garment is made of. Is it wool, silk, denim, cotton, rayon, polyester, or a mix of two fabrics? For example,  viscose rayon is super soft but it is not elastic, so don’t expect it to have any stretch. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t like a particular fabric or has an allergy, thus the ideal solution would be to check out the material your selection is made of so as to ensure that you’ve not picked something that you will be uncomfortable in. 

But the task doesn’t end here. Scroll down a little more to find out what kind of care the garment needs. If it’s hand-wash or machine-wash then you are sorted, but if it warrants a dry-clean always then you might want to re-evaluate your choice to see if it’s worth the costly constant cleaning.

Now, it is time for you to embark upon your online shopping adventure. You've got this. Enjoy!

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