A Guide To Making Memories That Last Forever

How come you never forget your first love, your first heartbreak, the first time you bought something with your own money, or that one time your parents told you that they’re proud of you? Those feelings are probably still so fresh and intense that you would be able to feel them right away if you just close your eyes and recreate those scenarios in your head. 

The thing is that memories are the essence of life. Experiences shape our behaviour; memories fuel our wisdom and love for life. We are nothing but mere robots without our ability to remember, rejoice and relive the good and bad moments of life. 

Our life just passes by like a river and we catch hold of certain drops called memories and hold on to them forever. We travel, we meet new people, we embrace new experiences, and all of that stays in our memories for a lifetime. Our brains have the capacity to erase a lot of memories, but some are etched forever in our minds. And we are here just to help you hold on to those beautiful memories and exhilarating experiences of life.

There are hundreds of ways in which you could create memories. But the essence of everything is the same. It should make you feel something. It should make you feel happy, sad, overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, surprised, shocked, or any other emotion for that matter. Memories are an embodiment of emotions in the form of incidents. Each memory incites a different emotion in us and humans are humans only because of the feelings and emotions they experience. 

Here are some ways to make you feel alive and thriving, and create new memories to cherish forever. Read on!

Challenge yourself: 

The human race believes in taking on challenges, proving itself over and again, and taking pride in victory. We love the adrenaline rush that comes with these challenges, we love emerging from difficulties and establishing ourselves as strong, capable, individuals. It gives us a feeling of victory when we overcome challenges. But you don’t have to do big things to challenge yourself. 

Taking on small challenges is equally amazing as exposing yourself to life-altering adventures. It is the thrill you experience that stays with you forever. You just need to feel your lows and highs, get through intense experiences on your own, and that will leave you the memories of forever. 

For those who really love taking on challenges on a regular basis, some adventure sports would also be amazing. You could also challenge yourself to create something you’ve always wanted to create or learn something you’ve always been meaning to. 

Seek novelty, ditch the dogma: Meet new people, try new food in a foreign country, give up on your fear and dance like no one is watching, or just simply, give yourself the joy of wearing what you’ve always wanted to. Novelty is empowering, exciting and memorable. It brings new emotions, and as humans, that is all we need to feel new again. 

Relive your memories consciously:

Be it your friends, family, spouse, or partner, it is always a mesmerizing experience to relive the memories of the past with our loved ones.

So, gather some friends and go down the memory lane with your friends. Talk about your wedding, your college days, or that day you went on an unplanned trip. Solidify the memory and create more at the moment! Celebrate “first date anniversaries,” and “friendship anniversaries” or make up your own versions to mark your milestones in life. Celebrating is the best way to create a memory, and you deserve every bit of celebration in your life. 

Be in the moment:

Ask a hundred people if they would like to get lost in a new country and start a new life with a new name and most answers will be positive. We just have this constant urge of getting lost and starting all over again as many times as possible, but only if we stop running, there is a whole world just happening around us. 

Our phone screens and earphones are distractions to the world we live in. At times, we just forget to be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of it. We click pictures, we record videos, we get lost in our little screens and miss the joy of being present altogether. Instead, put that screen aside today, look out of the window while traveling, actually behold the beauty of the scenic route you're traveling through. (Metaphor implied!)

You could visit a historical site and actually learn about its history instead of merely posting a picture on Instagram. You could close your eyes and enjoy the taste of that exotic food item you’re tasting for the first time. There are so many experiences waiting to be yours, all you have to do is be in the moment and make the most out of it. 

It is not about the constant adrenaline:

Yes, at times, it is about the rush. But you don’t always have to put yourself through an exciting experience in order to create a memory. At times, it is just about growth, and your decisions to step out of your comfort zone. It is about feeling grateful to oneself for taking that step, making that decision, and expanding yourself beyond your perceived limits. 

It could be starting a new job or a small business, it could be deciding to be in charge of your health, it could be anything that means a lot to you, and you’ll definitely cherish this memory forever. 

Celebrate little victories:

Celebrations are a way to give yourself a reward for your hard work and resilience. It could be as small as buying a new phone with your own money or buying your first house. It is equally exciting for us to achieve something. Make it a habit to celebrate your little wins. Take photos, hang them on your wall, write it in your journal, post it on your social media. Do everything it takes to make victory worthwhile. 

If you keep waiting for bigger achievements and better moments in life, it is only going to demotivate you. Whereas, if you cultivate a habit of celebrating your small wins, you'll not only be happier but also more motivated for your future. Being grateful and expressing gratitude is a big part of manifesting success. If you are not happy with the small things, there is no chance even a million-dollar cheque will make you feel happy for more than a while.

Step out without any reason

In a world where everyone is competing for success, we need to take some leisurely time out for ourselves. Admire our existence, have a cup of coffee, and do things that do not add to our productivity. Watch a movie with your family, order take out and just sit with your loved ones for a while, make someone's favorite dish and surprise them with it. Always remember that time and efforts are the greatest gifts of all time. 

Go swimming or fishing with a friend, cook at your place and host a little dinner for your family or colleagues, do a book reading marathon with a friend, or take a walk in the park with your near and dear ones. These are all simple pleasures. The ones that just happen without us noticing but we realize their value only when we’re deprived of them.

Travel often and connect with people:

Now, this might seem like a piece of generic advice for someone who wants to build new memories. But travelling allows you to explore new avenues of life, and connect with new people. Their ways of living, their language, their culture, and everything about them is a whole new learning experience.

One could never travel enough. And traveling doesn't only mean booking a flight ticket to a foreign country. You can travel in your city, in your state, in your country. The point is to create new experiences for oneself as you go on living the gift of life. 

Make time for yourself

Don't let it all slide away. Life really is short and we do not realize the value of each moment until too late. We get ourselves too involved in things that wouldn't matter in another couple of years, or maybe invest ourselves in working towards a better life. 

At times, we just stress out due to the tremendous stress and the crushing weight of responsibility on our shoulders. However, all that will not be worth anything if you don’t live to see the fruit of your hard work. So, give yourself a moment every once in a while. Ask yourself questions that a long-lost friend would. “How have you been?”, “Are you happy?”, “What do you need in life right now?”. 

Treat yourself like the precious human you are, and give yourself the right to breathe and not worry about anything in the world. 

Live the way you want to be remembered

Creating memories for yourself is important, but creating memories of you for your legacy is equally crucial. By leading the life you believe in, you leave behind a train of emotions for people in your life. You leave them a reason to feel something about you. You create a version of yourself you want them to remember and cherish. And more importantly, you grow to be a better human every day. Isn’t that amazing?

Constantly evolving while always remembering your purpose is a spiritually awakening experience. That surely cannot be done by doing a good thing or two. Instead, live in a manner that defines what you want to be. One deed of good after another, acts of kindness for each person in your life and strangers as well, the way you talk to people, the way you carry yourself is all going to be a part of what you will be remembered as. 

To enjoy the incidents and events happening in the future while also creating rich memories for yourself might seem like an impossible task at first. And there is no way we can choose one of them. There's a reason people spend thousands of dollars on wedding photography. We all want to cherish the moments we've already lived.

For us to feel alive, we need to hold on to these memories. In darker times, it is only our memories that assume the form of hope. They motivate us, they amaze us, they make us reflect on ourselves, and most importantly, these memories make us human. Imagining a world without memories is like imagining a painting without colors. 

So people, live your best lives and create as many memories as you can. Because we are just a tiny speck of something in this huge, huge universe. There was nothing before us, there will be nothing after us. But what stays forever, are our memories!

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