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There's no denying that since the fairies built a home in our yard at the corner of highways 7&46 in the Kawarthas, we've seen children and their families smile just a little bit bigger. This fairy garden has grown near and dear to our hearts over the years as it has expanded and brought happiness to each curious explorer. 

Child exploring the fairy garden at Seven Forty Six Shop

Scattered in various spots around a large green space surrounded by trees, hedges, and stumps are all sorts of different themed fairy houses. With everything from old shipwrecks to bridges and homes built from natural resources, you can expect to find a new addition to the fairy garden every opening season. 

In addition to the fairy homes with things to read, notes to leave, and gifts to find, the yard is covered in art and murals to take photos with. We would love for you to share the photos of the memories you make with us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Magic has no age limits, and we encourage you to make lasting memories with us and spark the magic within yourself when you see everything the fairies have graced our outdoor oasis with.

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