Fashion Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style (So Make Them Your Wardrobe Essentials ASAP!)

A well-planned wardrobe is the best wardrobe! Well, we put in so much effort to purchase the perfect pieces of clothing. We keep everything in mind while endlessly scrolling through shopping apps or simply browsing through stores- our body type, the weather, our personal style etc. But one important thing to consider while shopping for clothes is to always create a capsule wardrobe first and use it as a basic collection that can be worn anywhere. One can never have enough clothes but with a perfect strategy in mind, you can create an evergreen wardrobe.

1. The basic solid t-shirts: Every capsule wardrobe needs to have a solid white tee and a solid black tee. In fact, most people have these t-shirts in various styles. Sleeveless, long sleeves, ribbed, turtle neck, polo neck, crew neck, etc. All of them look amazing with basic denim pants, cargo pants, skirts, shorts, joggers, track pants, or any other bottoms for that matter. Choose your colors, choose your style!

2. Sneakers: White sneakers were, and will always be an evergreen trend in the fashion industry. One can never get enough of these sporty, yet chic styles of shoes. It could be slip-ons, athletic kicks, leather, or canvas sneakers. Most sneakers work out really well with outfits of different kinds. In fact, sneakers seem to be the only kind of shoes that have been experimented the most with.

3. Relaxed fit denim pants: Skinny jeans come and go, but relaxed fits are here to stay. For people who don’t really like very baggy jeans and aren’t into body-hugging bottom-wear either, relaxed-fit jeans are a blessing. They are overall comfortable and can be used for casual as well as dressier looks. This type of denim pants have been in fashion since the ’90s but they never really went out of trend. In fact, people have started embracing relaxed clothing, and they are becoming somewhat a standard part of capsule wardrobes.

4. Little black dress: LBDs are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can style it in hundreds of different manners and it will probably look perfectly fine even at events and occasions that are completely opposite. Brunch outing? Add a denim jacket or cardigan onto the little black dress, wear a pair of sneakers, you're good to go! Dinner date the same night? Lose the jacket, add some gold accessories, don a pair of heels, carry a delicate handbag, and voila! You're all set!

5. Graphic tees: The variety of prints in this piece of clothing is surprising. They are so visually appealing and diverse that almost everyone finds the style of their preference when it comes to graphic t-shirts. Floral prints, fictional characters, quotes, and poetry, you name it, and you'll find a match for you.

6. Strappy little sundresses: Short or midi dresses with cheerful prints and pockets are a go-to outfit for a lot of females. Floral prints are especially popular for midi and short sundresses. They possess a relaxed fit, for enough room to move due to their structure and give you that cute and warm vibe. Mostly worn with sneakers and heels, these dresses are a must-have for your wardrobe. Some people also prefer dresses with a patch of elastic strings stitched to the back of the cloth, because of their perfect fitting. In fact, an elasticated bodice increases the cuteness of a printed, colorful dress by 100%.

7. Animal prints: This, and we cannot stretch it enough, is never ever going out of style. Animal print on shirts? Yes! Animal print on dresses? Yes! Animal print on outerwear? Hell yeah! And animal print on bottom-wear? Definitely yes! It is more of a staple than a trend because most of us have worn animal print at least once in our lives. If not right now, you must have worn it when you were younger, because this style is as old as the fashion industry. Especially the leopard print is seen everywhere, across the globe.

8. Pencil skirts: Available in various lengths, pencil skirts are not only office staples, but they can be worn anywhere. Stretchable pencil skirts are all-time in demand and one can easily wear it to personal or professional events. With a skinny fit top tucked in the skirt, a leather jacket over the outfit, and a catchy belt to put it all together, pencil skirts are an indispensable addition to capsule wardrobes. They make you look taller and leaner, while also accentuating the curves of your body.

9. Long-sleeved t-shirt dresses: Super basic, solid, and comfortable t-shirt dresses are actually so versatile that one can style them in at least ten different ways. The cost of these dresses is less as compared to others, and they can be easily styled for different occasions. For a professional look, you can resort to a blazer/ For a casual look, long cardigans really do well with t-shirt dresses, and if you want to spice it up a little bit, sheer stockings and whole boots look amazing with a short, black T-shirt dress and a leather jacket. Just try it out!

10. A white shirt: The classic combination of a white shirt with blue jeans has been and will always be an all-time favorite of the whole fashion industry. But that is not the only way one could style a white shirt. You can pair it up with a black tennis skirt, a pair of pastel-colored cargo pants, baggy jeans, or a normal flared skirt. Anything would look amazing with a white shirt. In fact, you can get a little more creative and style a top or t-shirt over a white shirt. Just keep the collar outside, and add a striped tee with the round neck on the top of it, and you have your back-to-school cute look! White shirts are a great addition and an important necessity for capsule wardrobes.

11. Jean jackets: Layered outfits are all the hype right now and denim jackets are the best addition to your wardrobe if you love layering your outfits. They are a savior on breezy nights and the spring season due to the uncertain weather. One can style them with graphic tees, short dresses, shirts, under a coat, etc. They look equally amazing with any outfit. And the best part about owning denim jackets is that if you ever get bored of them, you can always upcycle or redesign them by adding some patches, embroidery, etc.

12. A bodycon dress: It might seem like that these dresses are only for people on the skinny side but actually, bodycon dresses do an amazing job of flaunting your curves. Especially the ones with turtlenecks and full to three-fourth sleeves look super cute and graceful. Depending on your choice of styling, you can combine them with appropriate accessories, outer layers, while experimenting with the footwear. Hoop earrings look amazing with bodycon dresses, and if you are planning to add one more piece of clothing to your outfit, just try wearing semi-transparent stockings with this type of dress.

13. Paperbag shorts or booty shorts: You can surely have both, but you should have at least one of them. The cuteness they bring out is breathtaking, and they are super comfortable for your body. For styling paperbag shorts, simply tuck in the t-shirt or top you’re wearing and complement the outfit with sliders or sneakers. Ribbed tops look particularly good with paperbag shorts. Booty shorts look great with tank tops, graphic tees, and oversized solid t-shirts. Choose any of these to style your favorite shorts with. Do not forget to add a little more cuteness with a scrunchie on your wrist and an adorable messy bun.

14. Semi-formal blazers: Blazers with three-fourth sleeves look elegant and adorable at the same time. You can add a blazer to your otherwise casual outfit and give it a dressy touch. It can also be worn with printed dresses. In fact, solid, semi-casual blazers look great with printed dresses. Always keep a linen blazer in your summer wardrobe and don’t be shy to experiment!

15. Puffer jackets: So underrated, yet so beautiful. Most people forget puffer jackets when they think of a capsule wardrobe. With a perfectly fitting pair of jeans or leggings, some funky sneakers, and an oversized puffer jacket, you can totally nail the look! Make sure you wear skinny fit tops underneath a puffer vest or puffer jacket to balance out the volume they add.

So, are you ready to bid goodbye to the sentence, “I have nothing to wear”? Because, if you create a wardrobe with these items, you will never run out of outfit ideas! Feel free to add your own elements to your capsule wardrobe and never hesitate to experiment. Remember, fashion is more personal than you believe it to be. It is not all about trends, it is what you feel beautiful in! Happy styling!

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