Find the Best Colours For Your Skintone

As much as we’re in love with an all-black outfit, we are also in love with how celebrities pull off outfits with vibrant colours. Honestly, it is quite overwhelming to consciously change the way your wardrobe looks and add a broad range of colors to it, but wouldn't you love having a collection of clothing items that brighten up your outfits?

Are you afraid it will come out a tad bit intimidating if you add more colors to your wardrobe? Are you just confused about how to build a versatile collection? Either way, we're here with a cheat sheet for you to find the best colors for yourself based on your skin tone, hair, and eye color. Now, we're aware it might look like it's a bit regressive to classify and suggest clothing items based on one's skin, but if you read twice, we've mentioned skin tone and not color.

How do we know our skin-tone? Here's how!

For cool-toned skin:

Hold a plain white piece of paper against your clean, freshly washed skin. If your skin looks red, pink, or blue against the paper, you have cool undertones to your skin. More ways to determine if you have cool undertones is to observe your skin in the mirror. Does it look pale? Does it display a network of blue veins under the skin? Great, you have cool-toned skin. Also, if you often burn your skin when you step out in the sun without an SPF, chances are that your skin absorbs the harmful rays of the sun easily, which suggests that you have cool undertones.

If you need any more indicators to determine if you have cool-toned skin, look at your hair and eyes. Light-colored hair, light blue or grey eyes generally suggest that you also have cool-toned skin.

For warm-toned skin:

If your skin shows yellowish or greenish undertones against plain white paper, you have warm-toned skin. The hair color might usually range from black to dark blonde, and the color of your eyes must be darker as compared to people with cool-toned skin. You get a tan in the sunlight and the veins under your skin appear greenish when observed carefully. These are some of the criteria that classify your skin as warm-toned.

For neutral-toned skin:

Well, it is extremely difficult to determine this type of skin because it’s a combination of both, cool and warm. But the best part here is that most colors will look amazing on you.

Now you know your skin-tone. Here are the colours you should wear.

Have a look at the following table to understand what to wear when you have warm, cool, or neutral-toned skin.

Skin tone

Best suited colors from the warm family

Best suited colors from the cool family

Some neutrals to try out

Colors to avoid

Warm-toned skin

Yellow, red, orange, Honey, amber

Turquoise, Olive, Pesto, Purple, Magenta

Off-white, Mocha Latte, Creamy hues

Avoid icy shades and colors like ruby red, amethyst, or emerald

Cool-toned skin

Neon pink, hot pink, ruby red, bright red, or rosy red

Lilac, Lavender, Emerald, Sapphire, Royal blue, deep purple

Greyish shades of white, pristine white

Avoid bright warm colors

Neutral toned skin

Go to colors for you will lie in the middle of the spectrum. Jade green, light pink, peach, dusty shades of pink, etc. would be the best for you.

Overwhelmingly bright colors like bright red and bright yellow


The Best News: Some Colours Look Great on Everyone!

Blush pink, black, navy, and different shades of red will work just fine for everyone despite their skin tone. Also, you don't need to stick to the above table every time you want to buy a clothing item. The list is just to guide you about what will look the best on you. You can wear other colors regardless and carry them better than anyone else. If you really love the color but it doesn't seem to go very well with your skin tone, you can use one piece of clothing of that color and balance it out with other elements. 

Some Generic Tips:

Regardless of the color and tone of your skin, you need to be careful of a few things. If you wear a color that is too dark, it will throw black on your face and make you look darker. And, if you wear a shade that is way too white, it will make you look paler than before. It throws a lot of light onto you and makes your skin look completely washed out. Hence, it is very important to know what are YOUR colors: the colors that make your skin and eyes pop. 

Also, when you decide on an outfit, you also need to consider the kind of lighting at the venue. The hues of lighting will not only affect the appearance of your outfit but will also change the appearance of your skin. Artificial lighting will completely change the way you look and that’s why you need to weigh this in while deciding on your outfits.

Go Rock Your Colours!

We hope this small guide helps you understand what looks the best on you according to the tone of your skin, but the bottom line here is: You look amazing in whatever you choose to wear. The beauty lies within and outfits are an accessory to your beauty. The tips in this article aim to help you enhance your beauty, but we also believe that you are eternally gorgeous no matter what!

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