Here's how to hike in the right attire

When it comes to hiking, you are not only supposed to look good but also stay safe and protect yourself from bad weather. You might carry the correct equipment and ample food for you to hike but you also need to have appropriate clothing items to fight any weather-related inconvenience on the way.

So, it’s good to take some time and prepare in advance to avoid any headaches later. Let’s walk through a small guide to preparing your kit with the correct clothing items while hiking.

Carry the correct footwear

An ill-fitting pair of footwear will not only ruin your fun but also hurt you and keep you from hiking. Always choose comfort over the look of the item. If you are someone who is only planning to go on a hike or two, you can keep the durability of the product aside but if you’re planning to do this more often, a tough yet comfortable pair of boots is a must in your kit. You can go for fabric boots if you’re only looking for comfort. They are waterproof and lightweight too. However, you’ll have to invest in a better pair of boots later on.

Carry your layers

If there’s one thing that is inevitable in a hike is the changing weather and temperature. It would only be wiser to layer your outfit in such a condition. Usually, three layers would do the job, but there is no such rule and you can layer your outfits according to your will. Here’s a list of layers you’d require on a hike.

Hoodies: Hoodies do not protect much against the cold but when you start walking, your body starts heating up. As you move forward, you might need to remove the layers that stop the heat from escaping through your outfit. At this time, you’ll need a layer that protects you against the heat but doesn’t produce so much warmth that you start drenching in sweat and your hike loses all the fun.

If your kids are tagging along, make sure you carry kids’ hoodies with you because they’ll need them too. Wear the hoodies as the second layer of the outfit and cover it up with something that doesn’t allow the moisture to just cool down or dry away.

Sweaters: If you are a sweater person, you can wear it as your innermost layer. That way, you can make a two-layered outfit instead of three and still protect yourself from cold. A crew neck sweater would be a good choice since it allows you to style yet another layer underneath.

T-shirts: T-shirts are the best base layer in any outfit. They’ll draw away the sweat and leave your skin dry. However, if you stop walking, you’ll feel extremely cool and uncomfortable. Now, the benefit of wearing a base layer like this is that it will transfer the sweat from the base layer to the next layer and stop the cold wind from cooling any moisture in your body. That might sound a little tricky but the baseline is that it is good to wear a t-shirt underneath all your layers!

Cover your head and feet

Carry hats, toques or anything that you prefer to cover your head with. It keeps your head from direct sunlight, protects your eyes at a certain level and is comfortable to carry as well. It can also be a save when you’re having a bad hair day right when you have to go hiking.

Covering your feet is as essential as covering your head and hence, always make sure you carry a pair of socks with you. If you do not invest in a good pair of socks, there’s no use of the money you spent on purchasing a good pair of boots! You can even do a little layering when it comes to socks. Wear a thin layer beneath a pair of socks made from a thicker fabric. The logic behind this is the same that the thinner fabric will keep your feet from feeling moist due to the sweat and the other pair will protect you against cold.

Make your own #OOTD's

Just because you’re going hiking doesn’t mean that you should give up on looking good. Add some accessories to your outfits and put on some light makeup if you wish. After all, you need to click some pictures as well! Since your head and ears will most probably be covered, you can wear something around your neck or wrists. A cute stone bracelet would look amazing on such an occasion. It is not advisable to wear any precious metals or diamonds because you might lose them while adjusting the layers of your outfit.

Carry a safety kit

Always keep a safety kit ready with you whenever you plan to go hiking. It could be some necessary medicines, bug repellents, sunscreen and antiseptic ointments packed together. For protection against bugs, mosquito head nets are yet another blessing if you are hiking during summer or in humid areas. You could easily fit it over your headgear to keep the bugs away from you. They’re also available in smaller sizes for children. Keep these elements handy whenever you go hiking, fishing or on any other adventure during hot and humid seasons.


Hiking is the favourite leisure activity of many people, and it is necessary to take care of your safety and comfort even while you’re out and about. Clothing plays a crucial role in your experience of such adventures and it is necessary to invest in the right piece of clothing to avoid any problems later!

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