How to Accessorize Your Wardrobe in 2021

“Branded clothing is not essential for making an outfit look luxurious”- Sounds controversial? It’s not. The fact is that one can make any outfit look cool enough by wearing it the right way and with the right kind of accessories even a plain white tee and a pair of blue denim could give you the kind of look that even Met Gala models would love to have. 

While we’re all hung up on the conventional style, the formula for styling your outfits the right way is “trial and error”. Trying new accessories and clothing combinations will not only develop your fashion sense, but also help you stand out in a crowd that follows mainstream fashion. 

Accessorizing depends on multiple factors of which, season, weather, comfort, outfit and occasion are the most important ones. Based on these criteria, you can create an outfit that suits the vibe of your surroundings and also helps you stand out as an individual. So, are you ready to turn some heads in a room full of fashion divas? Let’s go!

Winter Fashion and Accessories

Winter is a season when most of us face difficulties with deciding accessories as we tend to cover the most part of our bodies in this season. But what if we tell you that there is a way you could make the most of accessories in winter?

These are some of our tips to help you accessorize in winter:

1. Make use of belts

Trench coats, sweatshirts, blazers, cardigans or jackets: Any of these can be amazingly accessorized with the help of belts. Braided belts can be used with sweaters and sweatshirts. Adding a belt can easily make your outfit come alive when the winter malaise kicks in. Women’s outerwear should be your target clothing item to style your belts with. It could be an attention-seeking corset style belt or a simple slim belt. The point is that it pulls your outfit together and keeps your body from looking big and puffy.


2. A love-affair: short dresses and thigh-high boots

Winter does suck the life out of our fashion ideas but some of us are dreamers and nothing stops us from wearing what we actually want. So, if you’re planning to wear short dresses this winter, make sure you add a pair of thigh-high boots to your capsule wardrobe without giving it a second thought. No matter how basic your outfit is, thigh-high boots will instantly enhance your look. Visualize a plain white short dress with your basic sneakers and then imagine the same dress paired up with thigh-high brown boots. Makes a difference, right?

Thigh high boots:

3. Style your outfits with a handbag

Since winter is a season of neutral and light colours, you can hand yourself a soft-coloured handbag while stepping out to match the vibe of the weather around you. Pastel pinks and blues would be a good choice to go if you are not willing to experiment too much.

Pastel bags: 

Summer Fashion and Accessories

Summer is a season of bright colours and airy outfits. There is a lot one can do while styling outfits for summer, and using delicate, colourful accessories is the best tip we would give. The high temperature and sunlight won’t leave the weather comfortable enough for you to sport large fashion statements. Instead, go for the looks that give you a happy, sunflower-y vibe.

These are some of our tips to help you accessorize in the summer:

1. Earrings... a lot of them!

While you must have seen a lot of supermodels and other women wearing heavy colourful neckpieces or chokers on various occasions, think about it this way. Summer is not the season to wear any accessory that sticks a lot to your body. Earrings, and that too, chandelier earrings would be the best investment you could ever make when it comes to summer accessories. Chokers? No. Dangling earrings? Yes! 


2. Hats, Caps, and Headbands

If you are looking to revamp your accessory collection in Summer 2021, make sure you invest in quirky headbands, scarves, hats and caps. Choose bright and bold colours to bring attention to them and fight the summertime heat in style. This trend applies to men’s fashion as well. Hats and caps are eternally stylish for men of all age groups, and the range of hats that is available nowadays is mind-boggling. From bucket hats to baseball caps, hats and caps are suitable, practical and classy throughout the year. A fedora or trilby hat would be the best option for winters.

Hats and caps: 


3. Big Sunglasses and Tote Bags

A cool pair of sunglasses with a bright and bold tote bag could not only help you up your fashion game, but it is actually very comfortable and convenient to have these accessories handy. We carry a lot of stuff around in Summers. Water bottles, sunglasses, scarves and caps are some of the names we could recall without even trying. Now it is a bit too clumsy and uncomfortable to hold this stuff in your hands or in a smaller bag. Using a tote bag instead would help you in two ways. One, no clumsiness in handling your extra goodies. And two, you can carry the bag as a part of your outfit!

About sunglasses, you can actually have a lot of variations in them by switching between tinted glasses and solid colors, printed frames and textured or solid ones, bigger and smaller frames and to go with that, you can also have a choice in the shape of the frame! Sunglasses offer a lot of variety, and you ought to make it a summer staple to make the most of this trend. Men too, have a myriad of options when it comes to sunglasses. Based on the shape or your face and your preference of glasses and size, you can have your perfect pair of sunglasses and flaunt it all summer.


tote bags: 

Spring Fashion and Accessories

Speaking of spring, while the weather grows warmer, your wardrobe also transitions slowly with the season. The plants start growing again and flowers start blooming too. 

While it is nice to have a hat on all the time in winters, you could also sport a hat in the spring season. Just be careful with the type and choose the one that suits the weather surrounding you. You don’t want to wear a beret in the spring weather and look like a time traveller from fall. Try adding a straw hat to your collection and pair it with your outfits whenever you plan to step out.

1. Layered jewellery

Layer delicate jewellery and style it as one unit to complement your outfit. The best part of layered jewellery is that you can actually take off or add on each piece as per the need without actually changing much or adjusting a lot. 

Layered jewellery: 

To complement this, you can pair it with Shop746’s curated collection of bracelets. Check it out here!

2. Let your handbags make a statement

Spring is all about bright colors and bold yet cute accessories. Let your handbags do the talking by choosing the best picks from bright colored, patterned or printed handbags as per your choice. These kinds of bags could instantly light up any outfit without having to do much and are available in most online and offline stores.

Pinterest image:

3. Headscarves and headbands

If you’ve hoarded a collection of scarves and headbands, it is the time to take them out and use them for your spring outfits. Tie them around your ponytail, style it over a messy bun or even wrap it around your neck with a suitable spring outfit. 


General tips for accessorizing all year long, regardless of the season

Hear us out on this one! If your outfit doesn’t go well with your accessories, none of the components actually matter enough to make you look good. Ill-fitted clothes and unrelated accessories are classic examples of fashion faux pas one should avoid. 

Fashion faux pa is the worst sin one could ever commit in the fashion industry and it is very difficult to rectify your outfit once you’ve committed this sartorial sin. Here’s a list of fashion mistakes that you should consciously avoid:

  • Not investing in good socks: Imagine wearing your best pair of shoes and still having people look at your poor choice of socks! If you are going for a formal outfit, choose a color that doesn’t instantly catch attention, or doesn’t hide the skin if you are wearing a pair of formal pants/trousers, you’ve signed up for a fashion disaster.
  • Accessories that don't match: Imagine wearing an outfit that suits the winter weather and the accessories that should be worn on a beach holiday with a boho look. Sounds horrible? Well, your accessories don’t actually need to be so mismatch to catch the attention of people and establish your sense of fashion as non-existent. Even the slightest of mismatch somehow catches the attention of people and that too, in a subtle way. You might be trying to experiment a bit or spice it up. But it could easily catch the eye of an expert if you’ve gone too far with your little experiment.
  • Overdoing the footwear: Do not go for heels that you can’t even walk in or shoes that look more like the ones from a cartoon movie. It is good to be expressive when it comes to fashion but overdoing any accessory is one thing you should always avoid. Comfort should be the first criterion while looking for any kind of footwear.
  • Way too oversized or undersized clothes: Although a good belt would help you style a baggy or oversized outfit, it is not always a good idea to get your sizes wrong. A well-fitted dress, top, or shirt would make you look 100x better if you’re not too much into styling. As mentioned above, nothing ever should be overdone if you are planning to wear these outfits in daily life. It needs to strike a crucial balance- your outfit should help you stand out while making you look like you belong there at the same time!
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