Ladies, Let's Master the Art of Online Shopping

Women are often claimed to love shopping... but it’s a MYTH! Aside from the end result, the process can be quite tiring.

No matter how much we enjoy skimming through the bright hues and the pastels, the process tires us to the core. We, women, fancy the idea of “Looking Good” to be our one solution for any situation, whether it’s that final presentation at work or a meeting with that important client, our confidence comes handy with our look. Well, shopping is our universal answer and online shopping makes it even easier! While online shopping comes with a big bag full of perks, it also has one small bag of cons dangling on its hem. Sparing us from the idea of getting dolled up for shopping and shopping while lying comfy, sipping coffee, it has also brimmed up with the fear of not buying the right pair of clothes. 

Don’t worry! We’re here for your rescue with some tried and tested hacks for mastering the Art of Clothing Shopping:

Knowing your measurement

Yes, that one thing you swear by! No matter how tempting that corset is, just like following your heart, following your measurements is one thing you must not compromise on. Starting from your bust to your hips and your inseam size, make sure you keep a track of all the numbers and have them all written down at one place you have them handy and won’t forget. *now that’s a task*

While it’s always better to spend a few bucks and get yourself tailor measured, however, measuring yourself isn’t rocket science either. You can measure yourself easily at home, all you need is a measuring tape. 

In case you’re a fan of collared flannel shirts, you will certainly find that measuring the neck and collar measurements makes your shopping experience even better in the future. Also, make it a point to keep updating them every month so that you don’t end up buying the wrong size, we all know it hurts! *weeping*

Size Chart - you’re my best friend: 

Now comes the time to keep your measurements in front of you and eyes tracing the screen. While we all take our sizes to be definite, the shopping websites have their own size rules. An Joe Fresh XL could be L for Hudson’s eBay, and a Hudson’s eBay  L could be M for Etsy, well their website, their sizes! Here’s a pro-tip, always go for a size up. This not only minimises the risk of an underfit outfit but also increases the chances of getting to wear the dress you liked with minor alterations if it overfits. 

Be informed about your style: 

Sizes take a backseat when it comes to selecting what to wear. You must have gone through zillion websites shooting advice like “wear stripes if you are shorter or wear small prints if you’re on the heavier side,” well they are true but don’t trust them blindly. 

Keep in mind that we dress up to look good and feel better but what suits that model in the picture may not have the same results for you. Take out time to research what your body type is, what type of clothes suit you, maybe stripes suit you even though you are on the shorter side, and moreover, what fabric suits you. These little things make a huge difference in how you carry yourself and how dense is that air of confidence around you. If you are unsure about the things you have read or heard, then walk a mile further and go to a store to try out different clothes. 

Dig deeper 

Make sure you do not get carried away by that perfect fit on the pretty looking model. Chances are that she got it altered for herself, but you won’t get it that way. Dig a bit deeper into the product description and go into the details of the clothing. Don’t miss out on the fabric type, the cuts and the type of fit. You need that information before getting into further arrangement. Not only will you get the idea of how it will look on you but you will also get an insight into the after wash cares for the clothing needs. Once again, remember that this shopping is a long-term investment as you’re not going to wear your purchase just once.

Don’t lose hope 

It’s an online world and when it’s about shopping, things do go wrong. Keep an open mind. You might end up getting the wrong size or the color of the Sarca sweater might be slightly lighter than what you order. Don’t lose hope because that seemingly elusive perfect buy is right around the corner and if it isn’t, you have more options. Many shopping websites give you the window to exchange or replace what you bought and often without spending that extra shipping cost, so all you need is to find the ones that do provide these amazing facilities. 

Know what you want

We women consciously believe in exploring. While shopping our minutes become an hour and an hour turns into hours too soon. This is mostly because we binge scroll the shopping websites without being aware of what we want. Well, it’s difficult to be too precise about what you’re about to buy, however, we have a solution. Make the best of the shopping carts and the wish lists that come handy with each website making our life easier. You can add whenever you find something appealing to get back to it whenever you’re up for the shopping spree. Trust us, it is always a good idea to let the maniac shopping energy ebb away before you go binge-buying every item on your cart as it allows you the time to realize that you don’t need the 16 different footwears you wishlisted but that lonely tuque at the end of your cart that you actually need.

Though shopping gets even trickier for women because of our search for the “perfect solution,” that mountain-size patience to explore, tends to turn it into a chore that we enjoy. Isn’t that another amazing thing about us women?!

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