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To view our entire cast art catalogue with prices and dimensions, please email us at to request the digital PDF.

Since introducing a collection of cast art sculptures a few summers back, these stunning garden pieces have been a popular draw for many gardeners and those who appreciate a well-landscaped outdoor (or indoor) oasis. 

Terra Dormis Scultpure - Girl of the Garden. This piece is a beautifully large addition to a garden bed, where you can stage the sleeping Terra Dormis in front of a bush, tropical plant or large bed of flowers, creating the illusion of a stunning head of hair peeking out from her leaf crown.

Our cast art collection comes from Cast Art Studios Ltd., located in Vancouver, British Columbia. That's right - we have these heavy cement sculptures shipped in crates all the way from the west coast of Canada to our busy destination located in the Kawartha Lakes. Seeing the new collection showing up on crates and getting to unwrap each individual piece is a feeling of excitement that has not worn off as time has gone by. 

Cast art sculpture of Neptune's face.
In Roman history, Neptune was said to be the God of Fresh Water and the Sea. He later became known in Greek Mythology as Poseidon. This large stunning cast art face is one of our favourites for the Kawartha Lakes, and he makes a breathtaking addition to a garden, deck or dock on the lake.
Truly one of a kind, each sculpture is poured into a cast, left to dry and then hand painted. Due to this, no two are exactly alike... kind of like snow flakes! As a growing but local Kawarthas business, we appreciate being able to support artists and other growing businesses in Canada. Now more than ever, we want to take full advantage of our ability to support other Canadian businesses.


New Nouveau Cast Art Collection at Seven Forty Six.

Sculpted with nouveau style, this artful rendition of the graceful wolf, bear, or eagle can add life to a garden or bring a gallery feel indoors.

We carry something for every gardener and lover of art; from whimsical creatures, to large Rapa Nui faces, to garden statuary, to adorable meerkats and otters, and so much more.

Garden Overseer Statue at Seven Forty Six Shop.

The Globe of the Overseer is thought to concentrate energy in your Garden and cast it back in 360 degrees. Look into it and you will see the entire garden inside.

To view our entire cast art catalogue with prices and dimensions, please email us at to request the digital PDF.

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