Outdoor Fashion Trends for Spring 2021

We're well into 2021, and a lot of trends have already made their way to us by social media. Be it bizarre trends like putting coconut on your face for skincare (Don't do it. Seriously, don't!), making a top out of your favourite scarf, or taking makeup inspiration from emojis (Cool tiktoks, right?), fashion is always evolving. 

While this year has been difficult for the fashion industry given the Coronavirus disease and the lockdowns, it is resilient as ever. Bold and beautiful designs have been released this year, and artists have poured their hearts into fashion. Coming to the point, spring is something we all look forward to because of the comfy, breezy, yet adorable clothes we get to wear. So, without wasting time, let’s hop right onto the best fashion trends for spring 2021.

Oversized Clothing

No skinny fits this year! Boyfriend t-shirts, mom jeans, and oversized hoodies have always been around, but this year has seen a rise in the popularity of oversized clothing. It is a perfect blend of style and comfort and can be worn literally anywhere. Styling oversized clothing is super easy. Add belts, wear your boyfriend t-shirt as a dress, style them with boots and stockings, do literally anything and you'd look adorable! Do not forget your sunscreen, girl!

Also, if you’re into business casuals or have started working from your office, you might need some cool spring outfits for work too. Go for oversized jackets, blazers with prints, and style them as per your choice.

Head Scarves

Versatile, colorful, and suitable for all kinds of outfits, headscarves and bandanas are perfect if worn with sunglasses in spring. If you want to start your spring the right way, make sure you add this beautiful accessory to the list of your must-haves. They could give you a charming vintage touch and look stylish at the same time. A gorgeous satin headscarf with white or beige polka dots, worn with a ribbed t-shirt of the same color and boyfriend jeans. Won’t that look amazing? Add sunglasses with a big frame and put some lip gloss and blusher on to get that Audrey Hepburn look!

Necklaces and Rings

Long necklaces and quirky rings are the talks of the town this spring. Wear them with turtlenecks, camisoles, crow necks, or polo shirts. The charm they add to your outfit is captivating. Rings are in this spring and they are irresistibly fascinating when paired with the right outfit. Gold, silver, diamonds, stones, you name it! Each variation has its charm and they fit right in with any outfit you want.

More comfort, babe!

Maxi dresses with boots or sneakers, cardigans, co-ords, lounge sets as a regular outfit- we have become so used to comfort this year! Even the celebrities are seen wearing these babelicious outfits without a care in the world. Relaxed fit trousers, blazers over graphic tees as work outfits, knit sets, and wrap skirts are some more examples of how we're completely in love with comfort this season. Bonus tip- Go for the pastels, they look freaking amazing on everyone, in every season!

Corset-inspired pieces

Of course, corsets are a little too uncomfortable but has anything ever stopped us from bringing our A-game when it comes to fashion? A lot of small businesses on Instagram have these corset-inspired tops that are not so uncomfortable and come in various designs, sizes, and colors. People are falling in love with these tops and looks like there is no going back! some stores also have these corset-like belts that you can add to any of your tops, blouses, shirts, or dresses, and it would look like you're wearing a corset top! How amazing is that!

Be cool, wear cool

Although bright colors are the life of spring, pastels are totally in this year. Soft lavender, cool mint green, buttery yellow hues, all these colors are soothing to the eyes and are available in almost all clothing items. Trench coats, blazers, graphic tees, trousers, pants, or even headscarves, all the items are available in these sorbet-inspired colors.

Fringes, but on bags

All of us have had that unending urge to cut our own bangs. But we are talking about bags here, bags with fringes towards the end. Some brands have managed to overdo the statement and added tassels or fringes that touch the floor. If you are someone who doesn’t like to invest in handbags every now and then, go for more generic colors like black, white, beige, blue, etc. But for those who are crazy after handbag shopping, get your rainbow girl!

Short hair, all the way

Long hair is considered a symbol of beauty all over the world but short hair gives you all the confidence in this world. Cut them, color them, style them the way you want. It is rarely talked about but there is something in short hair that makes you feel amazing. Spring and summer have higher temperatures as compared to other seasons so short hair would be more comfortable and manageable considering that. Let me give you a little bonus tip here too. A lot of us are afraid that coloring will damage our hair. Best way to avoid that? Color the ends of your hair and enjoy that ombre look before you chop them off and transition into a short hairstyle. Cool, isn’t it?


Spring is a season of joy and brightness, floral prints, bright colors, sundresses, all things happy and shiny. But hey, fashion is always about experimenting and wearing what looks the best on you. So, while we’d love it if you get some fashion inspiration from this article, we just have one thing to say: You do you boo!

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