Planning a Beach Getaway? Here is How to Pack Like a Pro!

The world is still suffering from coronavirus, but with mass vaccination and proper precautions, a lot of countries have been successful in eradicating it partially. And although most of these countries might go through another wave of covid, the scenario is much better right now, and people are stepping out of their homes for work and travel. A lot of vacation spots are already full and people are keen on compensating for all the fun they missed out on during the long periods of lockdown. 

Given the pandemic scenario across the globe, beach vacations are one of the best holidays to enjoy while also being safe and maintaining social distance. We know you must be eager to dip your toes in the blue waters and enjoy being tanned on the beach. Well, who doesn't love sunkissed bodies and beachy bliss vacations! 

However, the packing list for beach vacations is a bit tricky. No matter how far or near the beach is to the town, you need a few essentials and we're here with that exact list.

Before the list itself, there are a few tips we'd love to share with you, and we guarantee that you'll never be confused about packing for beach holidays after reading this! Read on to find out! 

How should I pack for a beach vacation?

Always remember, your luggage should be as light as possible with each but don’t miss out on every essential item you'll need. This might sound a bit contrasting but despite your need for numerous items while vacationing near a beach, you also need to be careful of the weight you're carrying. 

At the very max, carry one handbag, one carry-on, and an extra bag if need be. In order to rest properly, you need to be free of stress, and carrying extra stuff will only add to your stress. Additionally, you won't need a lot of clothing or accessories while on a beach. That means you can cut out on a lot of items you would otherwise carry on a journey elsewhere. 

A smart tip, consider carrying a duffel bag instead of a suitcase. It's flexible, occupies lesser space, and accommodates more stuff. A duffel bag can hold a great deal of weight and still fits small spaces, unlike rigid suitcases. 

How do I organize my beach trip bags?

As beach vacations involve a lot of activities, you might want to carry different supplies for each one of them. And there's nothing wrong with it. However, these items need to be organized in a manner that assists you to travel freely. Here's a short guide to how you can arrange your essentials with the least space and most organization. 

  1. Keep your essentials in one place. Sunglasses, sunscreen, lotions, other cosmetics, etc. Put them in a container or a small bag and keep them in one place. 
  2. Use organizers. You may carry cubes, space saver bags, hangers, etc. to organize your clothes efficiently. Compress your clothing items to fit in more of them in a small space.
  3. By carrying only extremely essentials, you can reduce more than 80% of your luggage. Some items will always be available outside, and you won't have to carry them from home. Purchase such items from outside according to your need and only carry what's required. 
  4. Carry folders for each set of clothes you'll be wearing. This helps avoid wrinkles and keeps your clothes organized at the same time. 
  5. Keep a track of all the items you're carrying by putting them in zip lock bags and marking them with the category of the respective item. 

Coming to the main portion of this article, let's move on to the list of items you'll have to pack for a swift and smooth vacation on your favourite beach! 

  1. SPF first! - Always carry sunscreen if you're hanging out on a beach. In fact, carry and apply sunscreen as regularly as you can. SPF is nearly the most important part of your skincare routine and if you're missing out on sunscreen, you're missing out on beautiful skin too. 
  2. Sunglasses for less puffy eyes: Sunlight could be equally harmful to your eyes as it is to your skin, and no one likes being unable to enjoy the beautiful view when you're only on the vacation for it in the first place! There are numerous types of sun protection creams and lotions available in the market. E.g. mineral sunscreen, Reef Safe sunscreen, sun protectant lip balms, etc. Pick the best ones for your trip and keep them handy to reapply when needed. 
  3. A good hat: Same reason, yet another protection! A hat is yet another layer of protection we need to save our faces from the scorching heat and sunlight, and it looks beautiful on every person. 
  4. Bathing suit or bikini: You wouldn't like your regular clothes sticking to your skin while your heart wants to skinny dip in the ocean, would you? Carrying a bathing suit or bikini would give you a better experience than swimming in your regular clothes. 
  5. Moisturizer: Don't ever dare to forget your skincare essentials, especially your moisturizer. Your skin goes through a lot on such trips and it deserves to be treated with extra care. Carry top-quality moisturizer and lip balm with you to apply whenever necessary. 
  6. Hair Care products: You'll most likely get dry and tangled hair from hanging out on the beach. Make sure you carry a mild shampoo and a good quality conditioner with you. A blow dryer along with your favourite styling tools can be a blessing if you want a photo-friendly beach stay! 
  7. Carry travel-friendly makeup: Your regular makeup might be too bulky to carry. Keep water-resistant makeup with small packaging sizes with you whenever you travel. That way, you don't have to carry a whole extra bag just for makeup! 
  8. Charger for all your devices: Never forget chargers, and never forget to charge your devices as well. One can never know when there could be a power cut or simply no electricity is available. 
  9. A clothesline: Not many hotels have a good space to air dry your laundry. Sure, most hotels provide laundry service but you might need to dry your swimsuit or bikini as soon as you return from the beach, and your hotel's bathroom is the absolute worst place to dry them. Instead, carry a clothesline and arrange it in a spot with enough airflow and sunlight to avoid getting infections from your clothing. 
  10. Extra PJs, underwear, and comfy clothing: Sure, you might have planned to wear your favourite bikinis throughout the vacation but you have to have some pairs of comfortable clothing with you. 
  11. The clothing you can layer: Atmosphere changes are super volatile in beachy areas. Always carry clothes you can layer so that you can adjust your outfit to the surrounding temperature. Cardigans, scarves, kaftans, tank tops, wrap-around skirts, etc. are some of the examples of clothing items you can carry. 
  12. Sandals: The best way to combat beach sand in your shoes? Wearing sandals! 

This list is for those who are extensively going on a beach vacation only. If you're planning on some sightseeing nearby, you'll need some more items, e.g. makeup, walking shoes, toiletries, etc. Here's a list of special items you can carry to your beach vacation. 

  1. An umbrella: Rain or sunlight, an umbrella is the best companion on a beach. 
  2. Beach toys: Carry some toys or games you can play in the sand. This is especially good for couples or family outings. 
  3. Towels: Carry extra towels if you love being in the water all the time. Save yourself from catching colds and other infections. Dry your body and apply the necessary products as soon as you're out of the water. 
  4. Snorkel: One of the best things you could carry to a beach. If you are a newbie swimmer or just want to spend time learning the art of swimming underwater, the snorkel will be your best friend. 
  5. Sarong: As mentioned earlier, carry clothes you can layer. Sarong is one such clothing item and will be immensely helpful on beach vacations. Plus, it looks super cool and super cute too!

How can I take care of my health on beach vacations?

Beach or no beach, never forget your medication. Regular meds that you take every day, medication for generic diseases or disorders such as cold, coughing, fever, muscle pain, allergies, motion sickness, diarrhea, etc. Avoid ruining your special moments with the inconvenience that can be easily dealt with.  

Pack a small first aid kit with generic medication, bandaids, hand sanitizer, etc. If you're traveling internationally, make sure you're aware of the vaccines, medicines you'll need to travel there, and take them in advance. Never forget your prescription meds when you're traveling to a beach, and given the current pandemic scenario, carry safety items such as masks, face shields, sanitizers, gloves, etc. 

What documents and electronic items could one carry on a beach vacation? 

Keep all the necessary documents in your handbag so that you can access them quickly. Photo IDs, passports, boarding passes, credit and debit cards, etc. should be kept handy along with your wallet. If you are a student, you need to keep your student ID with you at all times. 

If your beach vacation is quite a long distance from where you're traveling, it's good to pack earplugs, eye masks, a blanket, or a light jacket on long journeys to keep you comfortable. You can carry your laptop or tablet along with your smartphone, a camera if you love capturing your vacations, adapters if you're traveling internationally, a good water bottle, and chargers for all electronic stuff you are carrying. 

What to do when traveling to completely unknown regions? 

Be very considerate of your safety while traveling to places unknown. In order to keep your identity safe, go for RFID blockers. You can choose to get some reflective clothing, a flashlight, etc. 

Your time away from home should be free of stress and worries, and one way to ensure the same is to keep your home safe. Lock every door and window, do not order anything prior to leaving, hold your mail, make sure you unplug all your appliances, secure your valuable items in a locker or a bank or keep them with a friend, share an itinerary of your travel with your close friends or family, pay your bills and drop your pets at pet hostels, and lastly, install cameras or set alarms if possible. 

Last but not the least, always book everything ahead of time to avoid unnecessary hassle and extra expenses. Do your research and choose the best options for accommodation. 

One of the best ways to pack efficiently for your beach vacation is to create outfits for each day, keeping in mind the weather and your plans for the day. Create and try on those outfits to avoid carrying clothes that you might not even touch once you arrive at your destination. Be very practical about what and how many items you carry, because there might be some souvenirs or gifts you'll carry back home from your vacation, and you'll have to make some space for that as well. 

All in all, you need to ensure that you're packing the necessary items but not the extra, unnecessary stuff, you need to be super careful with your health and safety, and you need to ensure the safety of your home as well. As long as you look after these things, there's nothing that could bother you on your chill holidays! So pack your bags and leave, enjoy and come back happy as ever! 

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