Planning a Camping Trip? Here Are The Best Places To Camp in The Kawarthas

If you explore the region, you will discover that the many campgrounds around Kawartha Lakes provide many of the most breathtaking vistas in South-Central Ontario. There are virtually unlimited fun and interesting activities for you and your family at the campsites around Kawartha.

places to camp in the kawartha lakes

The private campgrounds in Kawartha have some of the rockiest and beautiful scenery in the region. If you're searching for a spot to go trekking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, diving, or canoeing, the many private campgrounds around Kawartha can provide all of that and more.

The nature reserves and campsites that are conveniently located in these areas, surrounded by huge lakes, streams, rivers, and hills and mountains, offer some of the most family-friendly and unique experiences that you can give your family every year.

If you and your family like spending time in the natural surroundings, you should learn more about what is available at the campsites around Kawartha.

Crown Land Ontario

Crown Land, which covers 87 percent of Ontario, provides excellent opportunities for inexpensive camping. Canadian citizens can camp for free at any Crown Land location for up to 21 days.

Crown Land is unmaintained and isolated, even though it is free to camp on. Before pitching a tent, campers should exercise caution and take safety precautions. One has to follow all the rules and regulations given by the campsite even if it is free.

Urban Camping

Would like to get a taste of camping without having to go into the woods? You should go to Beavermead Campground in Peterborough. Beavermead is located in a fantastic position in Peterborough and offers an experience that combines a stay in a tent with the option to go out for supper downtown.

The campsite has 95 campgrounds, with 77 of them having power and running water. A fantastic city break for you and your fam!

Along the Trent Severn (Douro Lock OTENTiks)

This summertime, are you planning a trip down the Trent-Severn Waterway? Why not stop in at one of the numerous locks along the way and set up camp for the night, whether you're on foot, on a bike, or by boat? Camping at a Trent-Severn lock is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be directly on the water, talk with the lockmasters, and wave at passing boats while marshmallow roasting over an open fire.

There's also the option of using the locks for overnight mooring! This is a fantastic place to stay for a low-cost overnight stay. Just get a mooring permit at the lock and you're ready to spend the night on the river.

Private RV Camping at Resorts

Bring your RV to one of the lovely RV Camping Resorts in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Bailey's Bay, a fantastic RV camping facility on Chemong Lake, is a must-see. Bailey's Bay provides breathtaking views as well as a wealth of facilities for you and your group. Shady Acres, on the northern banks of Rice Lake, is another wonderful place to park the trailer.

Spend the day fishing on the lake or resting by the pool! Whether you select one of their numerous RV Camping Resorts or another, any trip in Peterborough & the Kawarthas will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

Back-Country Camping at Kawartha Highlands

Take a trip to Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park's gorgeous backcountry for a camping adventure you'll never forget. Enjoy a camping trip that fits skill levels from beginner to expert over several different canoe routes while seeing a variety of species and getting in touch with nature.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to swim in one of Kawartha Highlands' many gorgeous, crystal-clear lakes. There is no better way to reconnect with nature than taking a trip into the wilderness. Get off the grid for a few days and paddle across the waters of Kawartha lake. Watch the sunsets, starry skies and enjoy the calmness soothing your soul. 

Camping near Kawartha is a serene experience in itself. As compared to destinations such as Algonquin, Kawartha allows you to totally immerse yourself in nature without running into too many people. Moreover, Backcountry camping at Kawartha Highlands is one of the best camping experiences if you are heading out with your family. With numerous loops and portages along the canoe routes, you can choose some of the shortest and easiest ones to enjoy the experience of paddling through the lake. 

The best part here is that you can always come back for more camping at Kawarthas! There is always a new route for canoe tripping! Camping at Kawartha could be even more exciting for you if you have a dear pet. Guess why? It is pet-friendly!

camping in kawartha lakes

Opt For Free Camping Near The Kawartha Lakes

Above all were campsites that provide free, affordable, or paid services for you to camp around the lakes. However, if you’re known to the region, it could be quite exciting to explore the Kawartha lake surroundings. The place is perfect for family camping, lakeside hiking, and is truly refreshing for the soul. 

One can pick a lake for their camping and set up the necessary gear there. A small picnic would be lovely too. If you are traveling with friends and want to go on an adventure, a forest hike near the Kawarthas would be the best thing to do. Moreover, one can explore the water sports around there even without purchasing a package at some expensive campsite. Camping brings us back to the free spirit that we are. Swimming in the wild waters, chilling by the campfire, roasting dinner over it, taking early morning hikes on unknown roads is an experience you’ll never forget!

1. Go and check out nearby hiking trails

Take to the trails with your sneakers or hiking boots. On one of the province's many hiking routes, there's no better way to enjoy the great outdoors and surrounding landscapes. Check out the neighboring hiking trails - Put on your sneakers or hiking shoes and get out on the trails. On one of the province's many hiking routes, there's no better way to enjoy the great outdoors and surrounding landscapes.

2. Go for a scavenger hunt

Prepare an outdoor scavenger hunt to get the youngsters enthusiastic about exploring nature. Include trees, animals, camping equipment, and so forth. Before you send your kids off to explore, go over some general safety guidelines.

3. Explore water sports

Camping near a lake is a great way to enjoy aquatic sports. Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other water sports are available if the weather permits and there is no notice prohibiting them. Always remember to put your safety first! For those who aren't confident swimmers, bring a life jacket.

Protecting oneself from the weather and sleeping peacefully outside may be expensive, especially if you're new to the sport. With a few more cost-cutting ideas, you can go even more thrifty with your money. Some more tips that could save you a lot of money and trouble:

Things to Remember:

1. Plan your meals

Make a meal plan and include food that can be cooked over an open fire. It's not only a great way to cook, but it also saves you money on the purchase of a portable stove or gas. To prevent having to make additional purchases on the road, plan your menu ahead of time and bring all of the ingredients with you.

2. Don't forget the essentials

One of the unavoidable drawbacks of free campgrounds is the lack of (if any) facilities. You may be sacrificing indoor restroom or shower facilities in exchange for the services provided by premium sites. Take into account all of the essentials for a comfortable camping trip!

3. Save money on equipment

If this is your first camping vacation, the expense of camping and hiking equipment can rapidly add up. Keep expenses down by borrowing what you can or looking for lightly used equipment at a lower price at second-hand stores or on websites like Kijiji.

4. Plan some fun activities in advance

Now that we have seen the sites that you could explore while camping near Kawarthas, you also need to know a few things if you’re planning to go on a budget trip. With minimal contact to the outer world, no network connectivity at most of these campsites, it leaves the people bored and confused as to how one could enjoy the trip fully.

Restlessness takes over the kids and even grownups while on such trips, and hence, it is crucial to plan for entertainment activities that do not involve the internet. After all, living in the moment should be our motive when we're out in nature on such a beautiful trip.

Now, Embark on Your Getaway In The Kawarthas!

Kawarthas lake is a great place to chill because to date, very few people are aware of the region. Compared to other camping sites, this area still gets way fewer visitors despite the beauty and pleasing experience it offers. Full of free, affordable, and luxurious camping sites, this place offers a great variety of adventure sports, water sports, sightseeing experiences. 

The best place for a quick getaway, camping near Kawarthas will refresh your soul and rejuvenate you in the short time you stay there. Especially since the Coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge hit on our mental and physical health, a nice vacation in the great outdoors would be the best way to reconnect with your family and friends as well.

If the above-mentioned options aren’t enough, you can always check out our article on making weekend memories in Kawartha Lakes and learn more about the area here. And after that, take a deep breath and give yourself a little break, you deserve it!

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