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Life is about the ups and downs, the rough patches and the way we overcome them, and most importantly, life is about the memories we make. Although we try to live in the present, rainy days and chapters that are tougher than others make it a little harder to do so. Sometimes, we just need to have something positive to remember on a rainy day.

All of us have different ways of making memories. Travelling is one of them. We, as humans, are fond of adventure, of exploring the unknown. And travelling is hands down one of the best ways to make memories that will bring a smile to your face and excitement for the future. Personally, we at 746 Shop are big fans of travelling and going on adventures to make lasting memories - ones even the passage of time can’t rust or erase. And that’s where planning it the right way comes in handy!  Where to go, how to explore the place, how to make the most out of the experience, etc. Well, we’ve created a short guide to help you make memories with each and every adventure in 2021. Read on!

Comfort first!

Would you want to feel stuck, frustrated, and annoyed because you forgot your HAT, while your friends are out and about, enjoying the snow hike you planned? No, right? Your attire is the most crucial factor you should invest in if you are a big-time adventurer. For cold weather, choose the following clothing items.


Man wearing the Seven Forty Six Logo snap-back hat in black and white

When I say there's a hat for every occasion, every adventure, and every person in this world, it is 100% true! Hats are underrated yet necessary parts of adventure outfits. How do you not feel the need to change your outfit's whole vibe by just playing with this one element? 

A good hat serves three purposes:

  1. Stops the heat leaving your body
  2. Stop the excess heat, sunlight, and any kind of sun damage affecting your body
  3. Makes you look classier than ever!

Also, your choice of hat tells a lot about it. Like if you choose our Kawarthas Patch Dad Hat, you will be putting out your adventurous streak as well as flaunting the name of the country’s forever wonderland. Do not forget this next time you plan a trip with your friends. After all, who wouldn't want to look the best while also being on an adventure?



Women know that smug feeling when they steal their significant other’s hoodie right in front of their eyes. As much as it sounds like a romantic gesture, the purpose of hoodies is much more than that. Adventures mean varying temperatures, unknown insects and flora around you, a lot of dust, and wild winds. You wouldn’t really want to face all of this without a little something like our classy Kawartha Lakes Graphic Hoodies that can cover your skin, make you feel warm inside, while promoting the motto you and we both believe in: Livin’ Easy.

Also, if you are travelling with kids, carry a bunch of hoodies for the kids because children's bodies are somewhat less capable of regulating the heat in their body. The temperature that could be easily handled by an adult, could actually be fatal to a small kid. Additionally, you don't want unknown bugs to bite your kid in the middle of an adventurous trip. So, the little over-energetic bunnies would not only be shielded from the harmful elements of nature but will also be looking mighty cute in our curated selection of the most adorable hoodies.

Tees and sweatpants 

Adventure trips do not allow you to carry your whole wardrobe with you. Light, easy to wash, easy to dry clothes is all that you can carry on these trips. Whether trekking, camping, or climbing, a comfy pair of tees and sweatpants will definitely make you feel better at the end of the day. Like you can choose our Vintage Kawarthas Tee with Kawarthas Long Weekend Fleece Jogger. Do not forget to pack your favourite cosy socks though!

If you are a fan of graphic tees, you can experiment a lot. Sports graphic tees are the way to go if you are a big fan of both: adventures and graphic tees. They come in a breezy, breathable material and just fit the mood when you are on an adventure with your friends or family, so the ladies can definitely rock the combo of Ladies Kawarthas Long Weekend Joggers and the Essential Graphic Tee.   

Also, sweatpantssweat pants are the OG when it comes to comfort, no sweat! (Pun intended!) Be it a hike or a bonfire night in the middle of nowhere with your crazy friends, sweatpants are THE best clothing item to have because it is the definition of comfort. Remember when #thegreysweatpantschallenge went viral? These gym-wear specifics are no longer held captive to the gym. Instead, they are being worn to almost everywhere including our work meetings because hey, who is even watching your pyjamas when the meeting is on a Zoom call (wink, wink)!

Boho accessories

Accessories make a huge part of our lives. Remember when you are travelling and you just couldn't take your eyes off of the beautiful boho necklace you spotted at a seaside store? Accessories like these help you remember how beautiful the experience was when you were actually living in that moment. 

If you are not a big fan of necklaces, bracelets are the best choice for you. Our carefully selected and artistically created stone bracelets come in different shapes and designs to give you a mysterious vibe along with an irresistible look. 

Sweaters and sweatshirts

Whether your flights are chilly, or your travel destination is cold, your travel kit is incomplete without a good sweater or a sweatshirt. Okay tell me one thing, do you have a guilty traveling pleasure? If not, we are gonna give you one! Start carrying comfy and warm sweaters and sweatshirts like our tastefully designed Kawarthas Crewneck sweatshirts (the red and blue are finally back) to throw on for an evening adventure in the Kawarthas.

Woman sitting in a boat on Balsam Lakes in Seven Forty Six's Red Kawarthas Crewneck 

Sweaters and sweatshirts could also come in handy when you feel tired or bored on a flight. Just take it off and make a pillow! Also, when travelling to unknown locations, a layered outfit is the best option. It might sound like a strange piece of advice but think about it. What if the location is colder than you expected? Add one layer! What if the location is hotter than you initially anticipated? Remove one layer. Layered outfits are always the best choice when traveling to a place you've never been to before.

If you rightly follow all these outfit ideas, your journey would be seamless and without discomfort, thus allowing you to make a lot more memories to carry back home with you!


Carry a journal!

Woman writing in a journal on the top of a mountain

Coming back to the good ol' ways of creating memories, carrying a pretty journal with you would be an amazing way to make and document beautiful memories. You can even make a scrapbook and stick your most favorite photos of the trip in it. The thing about journals is that they could take you on a magical ride to the time when you were actually living that memory. The little details will make you really happy when you revisit the journal.

You can even stick things like tickets, bills, etc. in your journal to make it even memorable. However, if you are not a journal person, feel free to abstain from recording your favorite moments in the form of journal entries. Write only when you feel that the moment is worth writing about!

Carry a camera!

Man with a tattoo carrying a professional camera.

Polaroids are so famous for travel photography. And the way they capture moments and let us store them forever, they definitely deserve the hype. Carrying a camera to your travel destination will not only help you make memories and record them, but it will also help you share those memories with your loved ones later. You can post them on your social media and share them on your social media accounts as well. 

Apart from your own pictures, you can capture the beauty of the place you’re visiting. No matter how much you try to absorb that view from your eyes into your heart, a good photograph will always be capable of making your eyes shine exactly like the time you visited that place. 

We'd love for you to share your adventure photos in our apparel with us by tagging @shopsevenfortysix.

Collect postcards and souvenirs!

You don't really have to buy the traditional or the most famous items as a souvenir. It could be anything. A clothing item bought from a roadside vendor, a local art piece, or even a small rock counts as a souvenir. Postcards are an obsession on a whole new level for some people and millennials are quite aware of it. You can collect a bunch of postcards and keep them as a souvenir from your trip. You can also send some of these postcards to your relatives as a token of love, with a kind message on them. 

But at the end, while there may be thousands of ways documenting your travels and adventures,  what matters is a “spontaneous, free and outdoorsy lifestyle” that allows you to live without planning for months. There is a different, alluring charm in spontaneity and with Shop 746 you are always on the go!

That’s why we say, “our vision is to promote the spontaneous, free and outdoorsy lifestyle - all while making memories with each and every adventure.”

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