Hey Guys, Here's How to Online Shop (The Right Way)

Let’s face it - shopping is fun, but sometimes it can begin to feel like a chore. There are too many varieties, different styles, and then the stress of dressing according to society’s notion. Struggles with the right fit, constant hustle with the right colour, and the huge trauma of dwelling with the return and replace affair are all major complaints when it comes to online shopping.

To make it a tad bit easier, here are a few tips to tackle issues from the right size to the right fit.

Comfort, the right fit, and the perfect look

Rocking a pair of simple jeans and a classic flannel t-shirt is everyone’s cup of tea, simply by getting ONE thing right... knowing what fits you!

The correct fit would make any cloth look good on you. While larger sizes might be comfortable, the right fit clothes are just as comfy and would not make you look dishevelled, or bigger than your actual size. While opting for a larger size is always a safe bet for alterations later, why go the extra mile when it can be easily avoided?

Talking about avoiding unnecessary hassles, something that you have worn a lot is easy to get, comfortable and you personally love in your wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to handle any shopping crisis. Make a list of your favourites: that blue plaid shirt, t-shirt, baggy pants, jeans, your beloved hooded parks or maybe a knitted toque that you generally wear. And when you hop online for a shopping spree, try and look for styles that resemble your existing taste. It’s a no brainer- and oh, super-duper easy.

In case you plan to embrace some new trends, the best idea would be to skim through a few catalogues. You’ll see many ways to pair your favourites together and swap them depending on the demand of the situation.

Shop wise

While sticking to what will fit you and tend to your comfort levels at the same time are the top things you need to keep in mind when shopping for clothes online, remember not to buy anything that cannot be returned. Keep an eye on which section of the website you are shopping from. If it is the clearance sales deal, not only is it not going to be easy to be sure of the size or the quality, but returning the item is mostly not an added perk. 

With that, remember to shop from stores that have free shipping and returns. You don’t have to fuss over the green toque turning out greener than you expected or the maroon one being so loose that it slips down your head. 

It makes the process very easy since you will be able to try the clothes out and if it doesn’t work out you can ALWAYS return. * Returns = Freedom to find the perfect fit and look * As for free shipping, it grants us the brownie points to our ardour curbing down the extra cost of buying something we want, enveloped in risk. This way, you will not be stuck with something you don’t like after paying extra just to get them delivered to you. 

The option of returning has another major bonus point. If you are buying something for the first time it might be difficult to get the right size and getting multiple sizes to get the right size is the easiest way to tackle this! Return the sizes that don’t fit you and you are ready to go!

That brings us to the amazing sales deals- wait for them! Promo codes and sales are an amazing option to get your perfect clothing piece at a lowered price to not only save you from any extra expenditure but even gives you an advantage over its usual exorbitant price. .

Neutral colours make it easy

Picking the right colours is the trickiest part but once mastered, it’s the easiest way to deal with your online shopping woes. And our answer is to choose neutral colours. 

Neutral colours are the mellow, yet sober colours that go with everything. These colours are not overpowering, like electric lime. You will end up having one hell of a hard time trying to mix and match anything with such loud colours. Thus, here’s where neutral colours step in- no mix- match needed! Neutral colours like white, black, navy, olive, grey, khaki, brown are easy to pair up and wear. From formal to casual, these colours give the perfect professional, party, or casual look, suiting best to the occasion at hand.

These are colours which are pretty self-working. All you literally need to do is, buy them, and wear them! Besides this- these colours give you the required refined, serious-yet-easy-to-go-with look that is so not easy to ace.

But if you’re out for an adventure do not cease to opt for the wild ones. Yes, we totally mean that NEON one!! Who knows, maybe you have a hidden fashionista, yearning for you to make that leap out of your comfort zone!

Basics are the way to go

Jeans, flannel shirts, the staple Ojibwa shirts or leather jackets- these basics outfits will make your day easier. Having them stocked up in your wardrobe will make it easier for you to deal with any event crisis.

Quality, tricks, and an “eye” for dressing

Getting the perfect fit and comfortable clothing is great but not at the cost of quality. Good quality clothes last longer and also feel great on the skin. But how to get that? 

While shopping online does have its perks, especially the often criminally low prices, the best idea would be to visit a physical shop to experience the different fabrics out there. Viscose rayon feels a lot different than simply rayon and cotton is the polar opposite of woolen attires. Try hands-on and see what suits you, maybe there will be a particular brand that suits you. Remember the brand and it will be easier for you to shop the next time you go online.

A pro tip - do not spend too much or too less when it comes to clothing. You’ll not be buying the attire for once and won’t be wearing it for a lifetime. 

Be confident in what you wear and shop confidently. Develop a taste for your styling, and shop accordingly. Armed with the above tricks, shopping is going to feel easy like never before!


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