Want To Make Some Great Memories? Here Are The 10 Best Places To Visit In Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, but with a relatively smaller population. There are many uninhabited lands which allow a lot of outdoor activities for the visitors and locals. From snowboarding, skiing, and fishing, to kitesurfing, kayaking, and canoeing, Canada has it all! Moreover, Canadians are a happy population that knows how to celebrate life. The festivals and events celebrated around here are one of a kind, and there are locations one can't ever resist visiting.

Especially winters are quite eventful when some locals head out for warmer climates and visitors start pouring in to explore the winter adventures. Canada is blessed with otherworldly beauty and harbors a diverse set of vacation spots, all beautiful in their way. It could be a little difficult to decide upon a place to visit in Canada, and that's why we've come up with a list of the best places to visit in Canada!

The French heritage of Canada, family-friendly locations to visit, the diverse cultures, climates, and landscape, etc. make this country a perfect place to unwind and explore. Considering the factors such as expert opinions, affordability, diversity of hotels and resorts, etc., this list is a complete guide to Canadian vacation spots! 

1. Visit the beautiful Niagara Falls

A place of attraction to people all over the world, Niagara Falls are considered one of the top natural wonders of the world. It has been home to a 188-foot waterfall flowing at about 20-30 MPH, from the huge Niagara river. The gigantic waterfall creates a sense of vastness and roars from miles away. It creates a dreamy fog in the surrounding area, and the people visiting the falls have always been a fan of feeling that cooling mist all over their faces. It has been a honeymoon spot for since long and as you keep walking down the water's path, you'll observe a lot of tourists, boats, observation decks, etc.

2. Embrace the outdoors in Vancouver

Vancouver is not much of a historic place. It is a young city, but the natural beauty of the city is enough to attract your attention. Full of mountains and beaches, Vancouver is the best combination of urban and natural spectacles. The breath-taking atmosphere, chic fashion boutiques, and the inclination of this city towards healthy eating have made this place the Hollywood of North. The serene atmosphere here has been a backdrop to many shows and movies, so don’t be surprised if you spot a familiar landmark from your favorite movies! Especially the Vancouver Seawall bike ride will be an exhilarating experience due to its uninterrupted waterfront with magnificent views of the Pacific.

3. Adventure sports in Banff

If you’ve always wanted to witness the lifestyle of a Swiss skiing village without spending thousands of dollars in one go, Banff is your place to go. Because of its location on the South-Eastern borders of the Banff national park, you can reach here in no time from the US. Located in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a place for adventures and exploration. Skiing down Mount Norquay or hiking to the Hoodoos, biking along the Healy creek, or enjoying the beauty of the city, Banff is a one-stop shop for action and adventure. There are plenty of high-end hotels in Banff for you to rest at the end of an adventurous day!

4. Snow Tag in La Mauricie, Quebec

Although it is just an hour from the city, Mauricie is a just different world from the actual city. With the quiet country roads, lakes, forests, and farms, you can experience the beauty of nature, up close, in this part of the city. Quebec winters are especially magical, it is not something you shy away from. Winters of Quebec are fun if you have proper clothing. Carry your warm boots, a good coat, and snow pants with you. Snow tagging in Mauricie is the perfect mix of serenity and adventure. Snow taggers start this adventure sport as soon as there is fresh snowfall. With a good pair of snowshoes, one can carve intricate and elaborate designs in the snow. It could be any shape or form you like. For guidance, you can use ropes, compass, or even GPS. The pro snow taggers usually go with the free flow. You can observe your design from a higher point and admire it peacefully from there!

5. Kitesurfing in Prince Edward Island 

Canada is the best destination for travellers interested in adventure. If you want to try kite surfing or are already a kiteboarder, Prince Edward Island is your place to go. you might be expecting a serene, calm trip to the PEI, but if you are into adventure sports, do not miss this opportunity. The strong winds blowing from St. Lawrence together with the horizons of the vast ocean create the best spot for kiteboarding in Canada. You can take lessons or do it yourself, it is up to you. Just head over to the north edge of the island, the Green Gables Shore, and experience the adrenaline rushing through your body! Moreover, you can experiment with mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, fishing, snowmobiling, etc. in Canada. There is no end to the adventures.

With red sandstone, green hills, and amazing seafood to taste, PEI is one of the best places for resting and relaxing in Canada. Serene and adventure-driven at the same time, PEI also has some island golf courses for you to explore!

6. A Triathalon in Yukon

A combination of three athletic activities in one of the most scenic places of Canada! Yukon is very appropriately named as the Wilderness city due to the surrounding scenery. The Wilderness city triathlon is the best way to witness the wildest wilds of Yukon. You can start with hiking near the mountains while admiring the beautiful alpine vistas. Next, you can rest a bit and paddle your way in the Yukon river flowing in the middle of the city. After that, you can grab a bike and explore the riding trails that wrap the area for 800 beautiful kilometers. You can then head over to get yourself a scrumptious meal from one of the best restaurants in Yukon because you have earned the treat!

7. Kayaking with the whales in British Columbia

One of the most beautiful and scenic routes to paddle, the Johnstone Strait on the north-eastern side of Vancouver Island will give you memories you’ll always hold close to your heart. It is one of the first Whale Heritage sites in the whole wide world, a place that allows sustainable dolphin and whale watching. Kayaking with the whales is an adventurous activity and with numerous species of whales in the area, it will surely be a memorable experience for you! Harboring above eight species of cetacean, this place is a global hub for whale research. Explore this new activity by paddling near Port McNeill or Telegraph Cove. It is so thoughtful of the country to celebrate and implement sustainable whale watching and that is one of the hundred things to admire about Canada.

8. Sight-seeing in Montreal

We're not sure if we should call it Montreal or Mont-royal! Yes, the 17th-century architecture blended with modern-day skyscrapers, the locals speaking English and French languages, everything is a royal mix of contemporary and historic in Montreal. The Old Montreal lets you get a taste of Europe via breath-taking architecture and royal monuments while the contemporary attractions of the town such as museums let you have a look at the modern aspects of the town's beauty. Look out for a visit to the Montreal botanical garden if you're stepping out in warm clothes. The essence of this city cannot be captured in one frame, but if you're looking for a word that would describe Montreal, it would be "multifaceted". Historic structures blending in with the modern skylines, old houses turned into restaurants and cafes, roadside pastries, and Montreal-style bagels, and just when you think you have seen everything, you get to see a whole another city located several stories below the ground level! So, while you treat yourself to French food almost the same as Europe, do not forget to interact with the locals and find out the best places to visit in Montreal.

9. The Cosmopolitan Toronto

At first, Toronto might seem like just another big city. Lined up skyscrapers, state-of-the-art public transport, streets bustling with myriads of places and people, etc. But there is more to Toronto than meets the eye. It is one of the most culturally diverse cities across the globe with over 50% of the population being immigrants and people born outside of the Country. With 200+ ethnic groups knowing and speaking hundreds of different languages, with Little Italy, Koreatown, Greektown, and Chinatown all located within the city, you'll be overwhelmed by the experiences this city has to offer. It is not possible to explore this city in a day, or even in weeks. The more you stay here, the more it attracts you towards its otherworldly beauty.

Toronto is home to the world's largest shopping mall located underground and some of the tallest towers as well. However, if you want to enjoy the true beauty of Toronto, buy yourself a cocktail, sit in a beautiful restaurant, and admire the neighborhood blocks. You could also browse through the multicultural shops nearby and enjoy the nightlife of the city!

10. The Northern Lights of Canada

If you have never been to the Northern parts of Canada, you've already missed out on a lot. White horse in the Yukon territory is one of the best places to visit if you're traveling along the west coast of Canada. Despite a lot of snowfall throughout the year, the weather here is very pleasant. The reason why everyone should visit White horse at least once in their lifetime is the Northern lights. When the day wraps itself in the cold arms of the evening, and the sun shies away from the sky, the evening skies put up a colorful show for us to witness and admire. Additionally, you can find any adventure in White horse. The friendly locals are yet another reason to spend some extra time in here, and the wildlife is worth watching!

Lastly, it is a place to just cut yourself from the world and bask in the beauty of nature without a care in the world. It is a place to just be!

The varying climate and the expansive space that it offers the visitors have made Canada one of the best spots to spend a vacation in. With snow and early spring going on simultaneously in several provinces, it is home to cultural, historic, and biological diversity. The prominent French culture is so prevalent in Canada that it gives you European feels. The calm, warm and loving attitude of locals towards the visitors is a world-famous thing along with the rich heritage of the country. 

 All in all, Canada is an experience in itself and if you ever have a chance to visit this country, we suggest you make the best out of it!

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