What Weekend Memories Will You Make in Kawartha Lakes?

We live in an area that provides the makings of what could be on one of your most memorable experiences created. And for each person you ask, they will have a different answer. Our landscapes, lakes and waterways, culture, heritage, farm fresh food and being surrounded by nature is nothing short of ordinary and, of course, memory making.

So we ask our question again, in different ways- Do you want to have the most amazing farm fresh food experience? Do you want to jump onto your bike and cycle away all your worries on one of the most extensive biking paths that allows nature to engulf you? Do you want to simply and calmly just be (and perhaps meditate) with family and friends or by yourself? Would you enjoy sitting by a campfire and feeling the cool air creep in while the night life orchestra of nature plays you a lullaby?

Well, you don’t have to go far. Located just 90 minutes northeast of Toronto, Kawartha Lakes is THE spot for you. With all that it offers- it is impossible for you to ask, “What is there to do in the Kawartha Lakes this weekend?”!

And because people love options, we decided to create a list of experiences that you can add to your official Kawartha Lakes roster.

Kawartha Lakes Activities

Take a bird break!

Imagine starting your day with the chirping of the birds along with the surreal view of the beautiful cascading waters. Soothing, right? If you’re looking for this haven, Kawartha Lakes is your answer! Whether you want to casually admire these little companions or want to look for new exotic species of birds- this is the place. More than 259 bird species have been recorded in the region alone and you don’t have to search for these birding spots either! Most of them are located along the cycling and walking trails. So conveniently beautiful and relaxing, isn’t it? 

Cycle – hit the trails!

With over 600 km of the stretch of secluded pathways, Kawartha is a network of dedicated trails stretching from Fenelon Falls to Rice Lake and with birds all-around- cycling into the wild is a no-brainer. The Kawarthas have just the best cycling trails to explore the wild and actively enjoy the cool weather and spectacular scenery. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, this is one of the things you must try and the awe-inspiring view is the bonus cherry on top.

Connect with the water life

From fishing in one of the many beautiful lakes to canoeing (or kayaking) in the Canadian Canoe Route, swimming in Mississauga River, or having your dinner on the boat in historic Trent- Severn Waterway, the numerous lakes and sparkling water bodies in the Kawarthas are what you need to make memories that last a lifetime. Imagine walking around peaceful shores, watching the soothing ripples and having the wondrous impromptu mini-vacation you always wanted - a splendid water weekend to just relax!

Enjoy the voyage to cultural history

While it may look small, Kawartha’s Settlers’ Village is home to over 25 historic buildings! Home to many museums, heritage buildings, and many talented artists, it is a coveted trip down the nostalgia lane you always sought. It’s where culture and art were born and from where it learned to thrive. If you’re one of those curious to know about ‘back in the day’, this is one place you can’t miss. Stroll at your leisure and step back in time and see what the Kawarthas still beholds. We dare you to try all 50+ of them!

Plain, with raisins, or pecans?

What’s your pick for the perfect butter tart? Whatever it may be- you do not want to miss the Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour, a collection of more than 50 tasty stops. This enticing food extravaganza is something to savour at least once in a lifetime, one tart at a time! Taste some of the best local cuisine When on your road trip there are many farmers’ markets for you to visit throughout our area. You can count on them carrying must-have fresh local produce, local honey and maple syrup, freshly baked goods and so many more mouth watering options. Not to mention, our restaurants also represent amazing talent and fabulous food represented from the Kawarthas and from around the world.

Bird, Cycle, the wild, and the tastiest butter tarts for the perfect weekend- Kawartha Weekend!

Kawartha Lakes Destinations

The Olde Gaol Museum

The Olde Gaol Museum is a small yet unique museum with actual jail cells, all with a different yet fascinating story about them. The Museum has one objective-- to preserve the rich history and heritage of the City of Kawartha Lakes. Thus armed with different histories, amazing volunteer staff and the right historical setting, this is the place to get a definitely not-boring history lesson about your roots.

Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park

Rugged canoe routes involving lakes, wetlands, and portages, and home to over 100 km of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, and more than just a ‘walk’ in the woods, here, you get to enjoy the wild with the most authentic and adventurous walk into the woods. Camping, canoeing, kayaking, birds, the amazingly gorgeous backwoods, will allow you to experience the raw beauty of the wilderness in all its perfection.

7&46 Shop

Situated on Highway 7 between Manilla and Omemee, 7%46 Shop offers the tastiest Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream flavours and has a Food Truck with a diverse scrumptious menu. Shhhh, the best surprise is the fairy village for children to explore out back in their seating area. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy, relax, let your dog out and relish the perks it comes with. With Kawartha’s essence in their food, souvenirs and gifts, it is the perfect place to visit.

7&46 Shop Outside

Ken Reid Kawartha Conservation Park 

Whether you want to watch the birds, hike across the trails, maybe even cycle the beautiful area out there or even if you just want to canoe, Kawartha Conservation is the prime location. Adorned with beautiful walking trails and providing that allusive peace, their serene marsh walks are the specialities that makes Ken Reid Park a must addition if you are wondering what to do in Kawartha Lakes this weekend. Warning, you just might meet mother nature when at Ken Reid.

Balsam Lake

Fishing, canoeing, boating, campfires and also getting the perfect view for sunset is what Balsam lake offers. Balsam Lake is the highest point along the Trent-Severn Waterway. Water flows from Balsam Lake westward into the Severn system and then eastward into Cameron Lake. Balsam Lake is the perfect spot for all the water sports that you want to try out with your friends and family. And how can we forget- swimming! The lapping sound of water, intrinsic landscape and memories created along the shores of Balsam Lake are the perfect surroundings you will need to enjoy the sun setting on your weekend in the Kawarthas.

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