Original Bonedust BBQ Seasoning Rub

Original Bonedust BBQ Seasoning Rub

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"I first created my Bone Dust BBQ Seasoning Rub while being the BBQ guy on a television show back in the 90’s called Cottage Country and then published it in my Sticks n Stones Cookbook the Art of Grilling on Plank Vine and Stone (1999). It was my everyday go to bbq seasoning rub recipe. I use it on pretty much everything from Ribs to Chicken, Steaks, Shrimp, Chops, Burgers and Fries and even Popcorn. Bone Dust has gathered a cult following becoming the secret ingredient to helping you create bbq deliciousness. Made from a blend of 13 different premium spices and herbs with a touch of heat and a bit of sweet it makes all you grill mighty tasty! My Original Bone Dust Seasoning Rub" - Ted Reader #itbetasty

Features:  Gluten Free / Fat Free / Vegan

Ingredients: Spices, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, Herbs, Mustard.

Shake Well Before Using

Shelf Life 18 months

Allergen Alert !!! Contains Mustard

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